Crisp winter mornings in January

It's been a stresfull few months not working on Windrunner, I was a bit pre occupied with children related stuff and the divorce. But things seemed to have calmed down a bit and I'm back at Fambridge two days a week and a couple of evenings.  I've started at the very rear, having completed the last 15" of rear deck. The plan is to venture forward slowly covering every single detail, as theres just a few smaller welding jobs within the hull which I pushed to one side whilst I concentrated on the bigger jobs which made me feel like I was progressing quicker. so now it's attention to detail time! 

Sunset at Fambridge

It's a bit different being outside now!

Last part of the hull patched up.

Started at 8.30 -7 degree's warmed up to +2 !

Very pleased to finish the plates on the right.

High tide in the distance at fambridge