Mig welders do fly

High up work is always a challenge. It's just as difficult inside the hull as there is nothing to wedge yourself up against whilst welding. I have also decided that seam welding on both sides is best. Although they say that both sides is only necessary below the waterline. 

Some parts of the hull is faired with upto 10mm of fairing filler.

Since this photograph was taken the rusty topsides have been sanded down.

The very top edge between the hull and the deck (gunwhale) has had the fairing filler removed in readiness for decks to be welded to the hull. 



My secluded corner

It's been a pleasure starting work at 4pm and finishing at 9!

View from the bow

Portside looking very sad. Bring on the fairing filler.

At last now on the bow section

I've even fitted a door with a padlock

5.5 meters high. 5 meters wide 12 m long