Progress below the waterline

I've had many a sleepless night trying to figure out the joint between the keel and the hull. When  removing the outer layer of steel there was another rusty 4mm layer. After a few hours of grinding I managed to prepare the top edge of the keel to receive the hull plating. Actually it welding up really well and I am confident of the joint. This month I have seen the bilge take shape with plates welded in place. I have set up a bending jig within the boat cradle and I have managed to carefully shape the bilge in to nice round pieces. It then needs pulling in slightly to get a perfect joint. From just under the bow right the way back to the back edge of the keel has now been replated, but this time allowing for condensation drain holes within the cross beams.

October the boat is being moved inside for some serious work over the winter months- bring it on.