January to April 2015

I was at the boatshow in January with a few friends. There was lots of interest regarding her progress. I explained that for the last few months i have been removing the rust. A few friends gave me their thoughts and compared at her to Triggers broom? Ten new heads and ten handles but still the same broom.

Fambridge Yacht Haven have been brilliant. The timber recycle bin and the metal skip has had there fair share of her. Bundles of damp rockwall, two layers of roof lining have all been thrown away. 60% of the internal timber has been carefully stored. Some of it can be reused or used as templates. 40 years of damp plywood and rusty beams hasnt mixed very well and soft rotting wood touching the hull has been a regular thing. Welding starts next week.

We now have a plasma cutter, in hindsight perhaps we should of had one from the outset. Initially cutting with discs you start to think that it's only this bit that needs to go and then the rust doesn't stop. Next thing you know 200 discs have been used.

Look at that hole in the hull, thats the rear quarter, about 12 inch's above the water line. The beams in this area are not much better. Templates are being made so I can replace about 6 full beams.

We are about 2 weeks away from starting the big rebuild. Anybody walking past may think that we are cutting her up for scrap. It's so depressing when you see her now. But just come back and have a look mid summer.


Mid February 2015

At the weekend I used the needle gun for the first time to thoroughly check the rusty areas above the waterline. The needles disappeared through the hull in about 6 places. This is really what I was expecting so now I can cut out the bad and replace new areas before the sand blasting. Always a bit or a worry when the rust was being held together by epoxy fairing filler on the outside. I want all welding and patch work completed before the big sand blast!

Sam (welder) as fitted a bow support so I can continue replacing the floor beams and ribs in front if the keel. 

The engine area is going to be completely removed.  There are old engine mounts which will be removed. We want better access, perhaps from three sides. So much to consider. It's like building a new boat. 

One of the photographs above show a hatch on the rear deck giving access to to the steering cables this had turned into a really good area for moisture and severe rust growth, the locker lid didn't keep out the water and the whole locker was just rusting away. You can see I have replaced the beams and done away with the hatch. The rear deck will now be 100% waterproof and access to the steering cables will be from the inside. 


March 2015

It's been interesting using the plasma cutter. The bilge area eachside of the keel and going forward now has new beams, these lead right upto to the stem.  Cutting the hull has been a bit challenging as the plasma didnt like the over plating and the rusty air gap between the two layers, but everyday we use it it's getting easier, there is abviously an art to getting it cutting correctly. The exterior of the hull has a layer of epoxy fairing filler, this has had to be sanded away with a paddle wheel so once we get to the steel the plasma is awesome. I have now replaced a big section on the starboard side. The chain hoist is brilliant, I'm able to hook it to the coachroof beams, welding a loop on the hull plate and then crank it up and watch the new steel line up with the original hull. 

April the big push

With help from Ian we are managing about 2 days a week. I have replaced a large section of the main bulkhead.

We have removed the integral steel diesal tank (which was leaking through the hull) this opens up the locker to a really good size. So with a new door way through the bulkhead this gives scope for a WC and shower. (i may remove the heads from the forepeak area) I can now seal up the locker lid. 

New doorway through main bulkhead.

Loads of new steel

Diesal tank removed. New metal everywhere just in case the metal work within the fuel tank was contaminated.