15. Dec, 2016

Angle grinder bites me.

A&E in Harlow did an amazing job to stitch me back up.

With all the steel removed from the decks. I thought it might be a good idea to continue with the removal of the rust holes within the belly of the hull, as whilst the decks are off the dust can disperse. On the 9th December I was using the 9" angle grinder to remove part of the hull. Working inside the hull was simple I kept the angle grinder at arms length and toes and fingers well protected. There was just one bit I couldn't reach so I took the grinder outside. Again I know these grinders are dangerous I kept it at arms length and made sure i was not in line of the blade. But just one moment of misjudgement I moved closer to the grinder, changed my stance with a tighter grip but put my face in the wrong place. The blade disintegrated at the grinder smashed into my face. My gloves, mask and goggles took the blow, but on impact I think the machine twisted and I got three deep cuts on my neck. Initially I hadn't notice until the blood started to drip quickly. I felt so silly and angry I know how leathel these grinders are. I knew I had to get to hospital ASAP So I wraped my chin with duck tape and drove across Essex. I knew the closest A&E was only 30 minutes away at Chelmsford but decided that providing my condition didn't deteriate I would try and make if back to Harlow and go to the A&E there. I arrived home straight up to Hospital. It wasn't long before my neck was being stitched up, it took the nurse just under two hours and one cut was over an inch deep. I was so lucky (but unlucky) it could have been fatal. 10 days later the stitches are out and the necks looking good and i'm looking forward to starting work again on the boat between Christmas and the new year. I promise to be careful.