Previous boats and renovations

Dad introduced us children to boats from the age of 8

1970's Foreland dinghy & Dauntless 22 Dads boat

1980's Nantucket Clipper & Moody's Dads boat

1980 Brother John purchased a Stella, I did lots of sailing with my him  during my mid teens.

Mid  1980's us three brothers purchase a GRP 30 sq meter in Spain, she stays there for a couple of years and then we get her back to the UK

Late 1980's I renovate my own Stella, a complete rebuild, including decks, planking & interior 

Early 1990's purchased a Hustler 30 with my friend Steve Helps & my two brothers. Again boat completely dismantled and rebuilt. Started to win races.

1995/96 purchased a 505 sailing dinghy, sold her to buy the spinnaker for Gironde.

1996/7 purchased my first 41ft boat called Gironde a Jeaneau sun legende from Ostend, cruised and raced her extensively. Won some great races.

2003/4 purchased an IMX 40, I also called her Gironde, again won lots of races, experienced my first Cowes week in 2005. During 2007 finances changed for the worse so the boat had to be sold.

2008/9 purchased a Kerr 11.3 with my brother Micheal  and my friend Ian Magee. An amazing racing machine with surfing speeds upto 20 knots down wind, but never experienced that bit my self!

2009/10 purchased a SJ35 with my friend called Micheal Dennehy called Erotic Bear, boat. spent the next three years bringing her back to a brand new specification. Both Mike and I loved the whole process of getting to know a boat so well.

2014 purchased a Hunter 707 with my nephew James Wood and Steve helps for some regatta type racing, I then purchase Windrunner on the 1st August to renovate.

Renovated a couple of Flying Fifteens over the last couple of years as well as converting a Fletcher cruisette into an open top Dory.



A few hours out of a Chichester Harbour August 2014 on the good ship Windrunner.

S30 Fiskardo

You can tell by the report above that I am blessed with some keen brothers,nephew and some good friends, but the thought of not doing much sailing during the Windrunner rebuild can be slightly daunting, so to keep us all afloat we have formed a consortium to fund a 1980 S30 she is 41 ft long with a beam of 8ft.

Fiskardo (formally called biddy) arrived at Fambridge on 16th February. Apart from a good old clean and some antifouling she's ready to go, some of the consortium members have taken a fancy in my ST60's which are in storage until Windrunner is complete.

Below are some photographs of some boats I've owned, more photos to follow.....