Plenty of hidden rust ( not for long)

I really liked those teak decks, this is one of the features that really attracted me to the boat, but they had to be removed. I tried to retain the teak planks but they are beyond saving. All the rusty steel is being removed and will be replaced with new 3mm sheet steel with gallons of two pack epoxy paint to keep them rust free. It will eventually be my intentions to replace the teak decks with the PVC type teak, it so much better for steel boats. No screw holes, just lots of polymer adhesive. This will give me a chance to upgrade the air vents and the hatches. 

2nd November 2014

She is looking really sad!

Within the last 7 days 30% of the steel decks are now removed. (All the teak gone-so sad) Hopefully looking to have all the steel decks removed by end of November. All the beams will be washed down with a Chlorx spray to remove the salt, no point in sand blasting the beams only for the salt to start corroding under the paint. Looking to use a weld thru primer. This way all the beams can be prepared and painted without the need to have exposed metal to develop rust. Now in the process of buying about 10 sheets of 3mm steel. Looking to have this at home to be prepared and also coated in weld thru primer. 

Spending hours reading up on dew points and painting steel in the cold - now that's a challenge on its own.  

 November 2014

No decks just beams

November and December has seen all the steel removed. The beams are in really good condition although a few beams around the rear locker and hatches are a bit rusty. The whole of the interior is now out so pressing on with the removal of the rusty steel near the keel and bow section. Estimated  that 25% of the steel below the waterline  will be replaced as well as 100% of the steel deck. Only about 6 ft of internal beams will need to be replaced which is quite  good compared to the other parts of the boat. 

Still loads of dust, dirt and sharp metal edges everywhere, the dismantling process will continue to at least the end of January. Then I go forward (I hope).

Engine ready to come out

Between christmas and the new year my friend Steve Helps has disconnected all pipes and cables, shaft etc from the engine so within a few weeks the engine will be out and coming home. The yard have a crane to lift it out and I have a smal trailer ready for it to be plopped on to. The engine is relatively new and will need very little work as such, just a good clean and a fresh coat of paint. I intend to move all the engine accessories to another part of the boat so the engine bay can be reinsulated.

Mid January 2015: With my neck injury better I am now back on track with the big refurb. New floor beams are now ready to be welded in place. Ian has been cutting away the rust in the bilges but we have decided to replace some steel sections sooner rather than later.