Fambridge YH moved her to a quiet corner a few weeks later.

Rust and more rust!

Once she arrived at Fambridge for the refit I was faced with a real dilemma, do I just keep patching her up? Put up with the leaks around the hatches and deck fittings or strip her out and rebuild Her. I spent many hours deep in the bilges looking at chunks of rust just falling away from the hull. I was also concerned about the quality of the steel under the teak decks. Every steel boat forum suggested that this is a real no no. There was even leaking brass screws holding down the teak. After weeks of debate I decided the only way is the proper way. Never before with any previous project had I cut corners and bodged. Deep down I knew I would end up doing it this way. The build quality by the Dutch was second to none, it was no easy job removing the main saloon, but I think I have managed to flat pack the interior in the garage. I love the space below but the design in the main saloon needs adjusting, port side the back rests were too upright, starboard side is far to reclined. Most of the timber can be reused, the boat is riddled with custumn made lockers which are handy if your cruising across the Atlantic but for me I am used to living out of my weekend bag. So some lockers will go to open her up.